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John Wayne Hill in 2016

I design compelling experiences.
I explore through prototyping.
I create with constraint.

Hi there, I'm John Wayne Hill. I’m a fearless Experience, Interaction, and Product Designer. I've lead teams from a project's start all the way to shipping. I've helped design for museum exhibits, consumer products, apps, websites, wearable devices, and entire operating systems. I enjoy working with excellent teams, working with developers, and especially like working with hardware components. My work extends from 1 inch screens to entire wall-sized displays focusing on the end experiences. With a M.S. in Design (Human-Computer Interaction Design) from Indiana University and a B.S. in Computer Science I can also help code prototypes in order to fully understand and test designs.

Roles I've held in the past include: Project Lead, Team Lead, Interaction Designer, User Researcher, Prototyper, and more. I can help design and facilitate workshops, lead user research, test designs, concept and ideate, prototype, create wireframes, and present to high-level executives.


I’ve helped design for museum exhibits, consumer products, apps and websites, wearables, and entire operating systems.

Consumer Products
Hardware and software that signs together for fantastic results
Large Displays
Museum exhibits, visitors centers, and wall-sized displays
Products and services used by multiple people at the same time
Smart watches, fitness devices, and more!
From quick-use, specific apps to multi-feature large apps
Modern, responsive, and creative sites for products and services


A sample of work that I can publicly showcase. Most of my work is covered under NDA contracts. Contact me for more information.

Thoughts & Writings

Thought leadership, industry news, design thinking, and more.

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Human Assisted Technology

Lately, I’ve been thinking about technology and efficiency. Specifically, about robots and jobs they can do better than humans in regards to healthcare (for humans). We have technology that helps to provide healthcare today. We have technology to help screen for diseases, IBM’s Watson, technology to help with surgeries, Da Vinci Surgical System, and more. […]

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Wearables in 2015

Wearables in 2015 I have a stack, literally, of “wearables” or fitness tracking devices. Some I use on a daily basis, others I wear only sometimes. I often switch out different fitness trackers depending upon mood or fashion. I’m interested in this space because I see fitness tracking as one of the many ways that […]

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Beautiful Hardware, Pretty Useless Software

Disclaimer: This is my personal review of a device. I represent only my own views. I am not endorsed by or connected to Misfit in any way. While I do have some expertise in the world of Experience Design, this is just one person’s opinion so please read it as such. Misfit Wearables’ Shine is […]

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Available for contract and full-time work around the Bay Area and more!

San Francisco California
E-mail: designbyjohnwayne@gmail.com Phone: 417.597.4686

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